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When an end owner purchases a building, chances are it will be the most amount of money that they have ever invested. The owner wants and deserves peace of mind, knowing that the product that they just invested in is not only a good product, but will have a good company stand behind it. As we all know, we have seen a lot of economic turmoil the last several years, and our industry has not escaped that turmoil. However, our company has. When an end owner gets a warranty, they want to know that the warranty means more than the paper that it is written on. We would hate to imagine how many end owners out there right now have a 25 years left on their 30-year warranty from a company that is no longer in business.

Gulf States and the entire Nucor Buildings Group are part of the Nucor Corporation, which makes us the most financially stable company within our industry. Ask yourself, do you want a 30-year warranty from a 30-minute company? Or do you want to do business with a strong and stable company that will be here for years to come?

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