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Wall Systems

All Gulf States Painted Wall Panels Feature a 70% Kynar® Resin Paint System for Lasting Beauty and Durability.

The Gulf States Centennial wall system provides distinctive beauty and value for your building. The reverse corrugations provide semi-concealed fastener locations and minimize insulation compression.
Key features are:

  • Semi-Concealed fasteners
  • 36” coverage with 1 1/4” reverse rib utilizing 80 ksi material
  • Reverse rib improves thermal performance by minimizing insulation compression
  • Galvalume® substrate
  • ULTRAcote paint system

Shadow Hi-Rib
Shadow Panels are standard on all Gulf States buildings. This panel provides a full 36” of coverage and is manufactured on our continuous roll mill to assure accuracy of dimensions utilizing 80 ksi material. Girt bearing leg give support to endlaps.
Key features are:

  • 36” coverage with 1 1/4” rib depth
  • 5 degree overbend and stiffening bead on top side lap to create a weathertight seal
  • Galvalume® substrate
  • ULTRAcote ® paint system

Standard Soffit & Liner Panel
The Traditional panel is a concealed fastener soffit and liner system which offers a flat appearance designed for the architectural and commercial market
Key features are:

  • Flat appearance
  • Concealed fastener system
  • 12” coverage with 1” panel depth
  • Galvalume® substrate
  • Kynar 500
  • Pencil ribs standard (Optional without)
  • Embossed finish available

Wall-Lok is a 16” wide wall concealed fastener panel designed as an aesthetically pleasing system for walls or facades.
Key features are:

  • Concealed fastener system
  • Aesthetically pleasing high quality system
  • Two methods of attachment:  Angle clip or Fab-lok fastener
  • 16” coverage with 3” panel depth
  • Galvalume® substrate
  • ULTRAcote paint system
  • Embossed Finish

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