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Virtual Spec Building

Gulf States Manufacturers is providing tools to assist economic developers with increasing their speed and certainty of costs and timeline with “nearly existing buildings”. We can help you with a virtual building that you can propose to your clients that will be accurate on cost, timelines, codes and covenants of your industrial park. This virtual building will be viewable through Google Earth and even walkable on your iPad either in the conference room or actually out on your site.

Please contact a Gulf States Sales Manager in your area today to see just how effective our virtual options can be for you.

Gulf States Manufacturers is offering to help you design a custom fit virtual “nearly existing building” for your industrial park. We are offering 6 different sizes as our basis, 50,000, 75,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000 and 300,000 square feet with eave heights starting at 30 feet. We will work with a local builder in your area to decide the detail and to ensure that the plan meets all codes and covenants of your community and that there is an accurate timeline and cost associated with your “nearly existing building”.

The different sizes will allow you to respond to RFI’s with virtual options that closely fit the specs required. You will be able to offer to your clients a new, custom fit building that is predictable in both cost and timeline for about the same cost and time that it would take for a retro fit of an existing structure.

By using the 3 dimensional modeling offered by Gulf States, your local builders and your economic development organization will be able to demonstrate to prospective clients exactly what you are proposing to build in a manner that is familiar to everyone. This tool also allows for easier visualization for less technical customers or end users over standard design drawings, and allows economic developers to demonstrate how the building will look on-site prior to pad construction. Your clients will be able to see how the building sits on the property, where the column spacing is located, where your doors are located and any other detail that you want to include.

Please take a tour of our models today. You’ll be very impressed.



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